2 Autumn Kids Sessions

FAQ’s for doing more doodling over Zoom 2020

 please just ask!  info@domoredoodling.org   

HOw the ‘Drawing Gym’ and ‘How to’ Autumn Sessions work

There are 10 places available in each class

Drawing Gym Sessions will take place 4.15 – 5.15 pm at  on a Wednesday Afternoon

How to  Sessions will take place 4.15 – 5.15 pm at  on a Thursday Afternoon

Then you can decide to drop in with one off sessions here @5.50 if and when you are free,

or buy the whole series of sessions for a discount here..£30 for 6 sessions

Drawing Gym Creative Fun sessions:

Brothers and Sisters are really welcome to come along too, I teach the same stuff I would teach to secondary students or adults, lots of short drawing games and challenges, with some longer ones, very little ones may want to dip in and out but they are very welcome.

How to Skills Sessions:

Each week we look at a drawing skill, such as how to draw eyes, hands or hair.. and making patterns, mix colours, shading skills.

Top tip:

We mute generally so background noise is minimized. It’s advisable to pin me at the host


 The usual Pencil case kit, pencils, pens, rulers, rubbers…and some printer paper,

How it works:

 Once you register/ buy a ticket I will send you a zoom invite for the meeting, I then teach the session and all participants can work either with their screens on or off..


 If you are new to the sessions or to zoom, please sign in at lease 5 minutes early so I can welcome you and answer any questions you may have. We often start the session or show: just before it starts, work done inbetwixt, so you may be able to get a feel of what people have been up to!


 During the sessions I share a powerpoint so that you can follow or see things that I am discussing or showing more clearly. I also swap cameras for demos. Some people naturally hold their work up to the camera  but you can take a picture of your work and share it with me privately. Take a photo of your work with the device you are on (the zoom app will continue to work) and then return to the app and ‘share’ at the bottom of the page or see if you can message me with it. Sharing will take to your photos. ‘Stop Share’ will mean your screen will go back to normal!

About me:

 I have been secondary art school teacher for nearly 15 years amongst other arty things, and I have a DBS on the update service. Being able to teach via Zoom is a revelation but also very new so please accept my apologies for any technical teething problems we are experiencing!

 These are some essential safeguarding guidelines that I expect and adhere to: ( most of these are done by me, but it is worth remembering about the background environments and making sure others in the room are aware they can be seen too)

  • Switch the settings to have microphones and videos off when joining the meeting
  • Ensure the host is in control of who can control the screen, save the video/chat content
     mute and unmute all participants when necessary, including video screens
  • Be conscious of background environments and others in the room
  • Use the whiteboard and annotation tools to improve engagement.
  • Remind users about respecting others and using the chat box for commentary and sharing photos of work.
  • Please dress and talk appropriately.

warmest wishes to you and yours!


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