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My secondary education took place at Tudor Hall School in Oxfordshire, an independent girls’ school. I earned my degree in Art History and Fine Art at Reading University and my subsequent teaching PCGE for Art and Design at St Luke’s College, Exeter University. Before becoming a qualified teacher I worked at Tate Britain, and travelled to work at the Auckland Art Gallery in New Zealand. Amongst my non-educational jobs, I have worked as a Nanny in Notting Hill, as a writer and illustrator for a Design Magazine, and for several delicious years in a Delicatessen off the Portobello Road. I have volunteered for Oxford and London based charity, The Art Room and for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. I continue to produce my own painting and illustration work as Domoredoodling.. I live in Abingdon with my partner, my mum and my 9 year old daughter, we have two hamsters and a cat who takes advantage of the excellent mousing on the banks of the River Ock.

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