About me

Introducing me..having been a closet drawer ( forgive the
furnishing pun ) all my life, I am plunging into the world
of an illustrator who writes..I hope you will join me on this
adventure! I’ve been a jobbing illustrator/ artist/ teacher
all my life. This is a life I love and a profession that has
taught me unimaginable things. But recently, probably
due to the repeated efforts of my daughter to write a
spontaneous story for her spelling practise, I have had a
go too. I have been completely bitten by the bug! I
cannot stop drawing and writing to enable the habit… this has created a force that
needs an outlet…Imagine the challenge of being able to
direct your own words and pictures..I owe my daughters
teachers a huge debt in reawakening a love of stories,
tales, anecdotes, accounts and narratives of all kinds.
So please find here, my very own website. I will use it
share my latest challenges and my love of illustration, books and publishing and their capacity to change your life in wonderful, absorbing and exhilarating ways.