Drawing gym

Google tells me that ‘A gym is a club, building, or large room, usually containing special equipment, where people go to do physical exercise and get fit. … Gym is the activity of doing physical exercises in a gym, especially at school.’ If you substitute the word ‘physical’ for the word ‘drawing’ or even more specifically ‘doodling’. Below you will find an unedited (as yet) video documenting my three top tips for the ‘special equipment’.

Drawing Gym Exercise 1: Collect together and select your essential starter kit for vibrant and exciting doodles!

password: Drawingym1

My Full Gym Kit!

Black and White:

Propelling pencil and rubber,

watercolour ( aquarelle) pencils,

Charcoal pencil,

Graphite stick,


Pencil sharpener with a variety of differently sized holes,



Stylus and Ink

White Gel Pen

Paintbrush with it’s own reservoir of water


Thick, sturdy colouring pencils

Watercolour Crayons

Gel Pens

Biros or ball point pens

Felt tips


A Stash of differently textured coloured and lined papers

Measuring tools, such as rulers and stencils.