Private Tutoring

It’s my dream job…

  • I love making Art. I love to work with others to make Art too..
  • I love drawing, painting, sewing. I am a line and textures person who silently craves colour. I endlessly doodled from the time I could pick up a pencil, through school, college and the stuttering start of my work life.
  • After a period of ‘none’ of my actual art, and lots of teaching I realized that my life was unbalanced and uncomfortable, a sense of emptiness prevailed. I am now achieving that long awaited balance and conveying and giving back to a world that has given me so much by tutoring.
  • I have taught in some from for about fifteen years, and have had stumbling attempts of freelance work throughout from illustrating cards to working for magazines and painting portraits. Teaching led to burn out of my own creativity but Tutoring just ignites it!
  • Please contact me directly to discuss prices.
  • Any specific outcomes that may need special materials will be additional.

I earned my degree in Art History and Fine Art at Reading University and my subsequent teaching PCGE for Art and Design at St Luke’s College, Exeter University. Before becoming a qualified teacher I worked at Tate Britain, and travelled to work at the Auckland Art Gallery in New Zealand.

Amongst my non-educational jobs, I have worked as a Nanny in Notting Hill,and for several delicious years in a Delicatessen off the Portobello Road. I have volunteered for Oxford and London based charity, The Art Room and for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

I live in Abingdon with my partner, my mum and my soon to be 10 year old daughter, we have two hamsters and a cat who takes advantage of the excellent mousing on the banks of the River Ock.